So far so ........

It is over cast and cool this morning. the vineyards are thriving with this cool rainy weather we have been having over the past few days. Is this the beginning of a good , great or ok vintage?


We never use the word bad in vintage talk, not a good way to promote an entire years quality.

The clusters are forming and the tiny little flowers are setting or popping. See, the berries all develop individually so it is weather incumbent how the full cluster sets. berry by berry. 

A heavy rain would knock off the individual flower (berry).  each rain drop hitting the dainty flower thus eliminating the berry (grape )s life. The grape cut down in the prime of life, so much to live for and so much to give. A tragedy that quietly goes unnoticed in a vineyard year after year.  If you listen closely you will hear them cry out as their life fades and then silence. Sadness falls from the sky and hits randomly, lonesome and cold.  It is a harsh life mother nature hands out to the vine. But we also get some great wine in the bargain , soo.... not so bad . )

More great stories of wow and wonder to come ...



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