Discovering Russian River Cherry Block Pinot Noir

As a winemaker one of my favorite jobs is tasting threw all of our barrels which usually takes several days. I will pull samples from a set of 10 barrels and let then rest for about 20 minutes, before I taste threw them. Barrel tasting is so interesting,  tasting wines as they are aging and developing their flavors,  building their maturity and personality can only be done by consistentlytasting them over time.  

Over the past few months I have noticed some beautiful flavors of red cherry in one set of barrels that represent a single small block of our Russian River Vineyard. The full red delicious cherry flavors are consistent in all of the barrels. Often I will notice a specific flavor profile in certain vineyard blocks, but not as intense and deliberate as the ones that we have in our "Cherry Block" Russian River section.

What makes this section of the vineyard special as the amount of late afternoon sun it receives, which is the softer bent sunlight.  The difference of the suns rays change threw out the day. The morning light is direct whichhas more of the white light of the light spectrum. The spectrum of the suns rays change threw out the day and in the late afternoon the sun light becomes bent and shifts to more of indirect rays on the red and orange end of the light spectrum. This is what i believe produces this amazing "Cherry Block" flavor that I find so fascinating. It has taken us three years to propagate , locate and produce this little cherry gem. As of this year, 2017 we are releasing our 2015 Russian River Valley Cherry Block Pinot Noir.  I am so excited to have this single block special bottling to share, it has been a long time in the making and we are so happy with this one . )

stewart dorman
quick vineyard note

a quick note on the vineyard----

the rains has finally started to let up, the grass is a deep green as it blankets the vineyards

fresh shoots are now about 4 inches of new growth, with no frost warning so far this year.

we still have a lot of the frost season to get threw before true summer weather sets in and we breath a bit easier. frost warning are set off by temps as they dip into 34 degrees in the early hours of the am just before sun rise , the coldest period of the night.  we have large mobile fans set in the vineyard (old style ) and large fans set on their side (current style),  resting a few feet off the vineyard floor that sucks in the heavy cold air , pulling it in and forces it upward to elevate the air temp. from the freezing point.



stewart dorman
Fun for all and all for fun

Who doesn't love running through the vineyard on a sunny day?  Recently these three got into a spot of trouble when they met their match, Samantha the witchy cat! Heavens to megatroid!!

stewart dorman