2018 Numbers Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir- This gorgeous expression of pure ripe fruit features  luscious dark cherry, juicy strawberry, wild berry and blackberry. A super plush Pinot Noir bursting with layered fruit alongside mineral and allspice.  This well proportioned beauty  provides depth and balance. Ending with a long persistent finish of smooth fine grained tannins. The 2017 Numbers is our special single block bottling. This vineyard block is chosen for the site specific deep obsidian soil which is planted to a specially selected clone of Pinot Noir. Always hand harvested in  the dark hours of the morning to lock in the amazing natural flavors. Produced by natural fermentation and bottled by a gravity assisted bottling line.
$75.00 per (750ml) bottle


2017 Monster Pinot Noir *Special Limited Bottling - A selection of  our most "Monster like" barrels to bring you this mammoth Pinot Noir. This impressive Pinot boasts immense intensity and suppleness. Dark and full bodied with hulking fruit of blackberry, blueberry and dark cherry. These flavors explode on the palate and finish with spicy depth and magnitude. The selected "Monster" barrels are blended and aged another 6 months for a total of 16 months in new and seasoned French oak.

750ml. - per bottle $75.00 - SOLD OUT


2018 Double Barrel Pinot Noir *Special Limited Bottling - Layered and luscious! The first barrel is from Oppenlander Vineyard and exudes flavors of dark raspberry and red cherry with a perfect note of oak spice. The second barrel comes from a single block of our Sonoma Coast vineyard. This showy barrel oozes bold dark color, a massive rich palate of blackberry, black plum and deliciousness. Combining the two barrels resulted in a blast of a Pinot Noir - Bang Bang! 750ml - $75.00 per bottle - SOLD OUT


2017 Badboy Pinot Noir *Special Limited Bottling This powerhouse of  BadBoy Pinot Noir is not to be missed! A deep and dense vibrant purple delivers flavors of blackberry, dark cherry, plum and dark raspberry. This stunning complex wine boasts fruit forward layers which continually open up gaining momentum and finishing with sophisticated elegant soft tannins. As always, BadBoy Pinot Noir  is pulled from our best Sonoma Coast vineyard barrels. Once chosen, we gently rack into specially selected French oak barrels to age an additional six months. This process produces a beautifully robust complex Pinot Noir with a long cellar life.  This wine shows great maturity and style. Produced by natural fermentation and bottled by a gravity assisted bottling line.
$75.00 per (750ml) bottle. SOLD OUT


2016 EPIC Cabernet Sauvignon Blend Napa Valley -Our most selective and limited bottling of our Napa Valley Cabernet’s . a complex mix of flavors and textures, this bold ripe wine exhibits a rich core of dark raspberry, blueberry and plum. Beautifully layered with jammy fruit flavors and mocha, espresso and cedar. Very impressive on the finish where the silky tannins and flavors sail on. This powerhouse of wine lives up to it's name!   $150.00 per (750ml) bottle. 


2016 Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley - strikingly complex with enticing deep dark berry flavors layered with currant, mocha, spice and earth notes. This outstanding Cabernet Sauvignon lingers on the finish ending with fine grained tannins. Simply a gorgeous wine!
$125.00 per (750ml) bottle