Adrian Fog

"Adrian  Fog  produces  some  of  California's  most  compelling  complex,  aromatic  Pinots." 
- Robert M. Parker, Jr.




An idea led to a dream and dedication and hard work made Adrian Fog a reality. We're grateful for our success and tie that to a goal that has always been clear and constant: make great wine.

Creating luxurious handcrafted wines is our passion. Like you, we believe life is full of moments that are meant to be recognized and savored in a special way. It is our pleasure to share Adrian Fog wines with you as part of your celebration of life.

Adrian-  dark and rich.
Fog- coastal cool climate vineyards.

Our Philosophy: Adrian Fog was born from the idea that Pinot Noir should have a sense of place and that the vineyard is the birthplace of great wine. All of our vineyards are selected for their individuality. By hand selecting cool climate fruit from small vineyards, Adrian Fog is able to maintain the unique signature and personality of the vineyard. Each vineyard is selected by considering the effect of coastal fog patterns, clonal differences, age and vine orientation to the sun. Picking, fermentation and barrel aging are done by keeping all clones and blocks separate. We are able to learn more and appreciate each wine's nuances and style intimately. Our bottlings are determined by the wine's individuality, our largest bottling is 230 cases and the smallest is 23 cases. Each lot is selected , blended then gravity feed to our custom designed bottling system.

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Friendly and hospitable Southern Indiana boy moves to Cali to study film production, lands part-time gig at local winery and falls passionately in love with - Pinot Noir. Like an obsessed suitor, Stewart is determined to uncover everything there is to know about winemaking. He discovers to his great satisfaction that, although Pinot is the most challenging of all varietals, it's also the most alluring and seductive. After flings with Sterling, Beringer, Robert Mondavi, Domaine Carneros and Benziger family winery, he finally realizes it's time to settle down and make a commitment to Adrian Fog. Everyone cheers. FADE OUT.  


A Motor City girl, Jane is a product of her origins. She made her way to Sonoma County from Detroit via New York City and Los Angeles. While on a business trip to San Francisco, Jane couldn't sit still and headed to Healdsburg where she met Stewart playing pool at a local dive bar. Two weeks later, like a theme song to a 60's TV show, she said goodbye to city life, loaded up the truck (actually, it was a red Ford Mustang convertible) and moved to wine country. When friends and family asked how she planned to start a winery with no prior knowledge or experience, the three I's Detroit is famous for kicked in (inspiration, ingenuity and industriousness) and she answered, "I have no idea but, trust me, I got this."